New app from Scotland aims to be
‘Facebook for sports’

Find a Player is designed to connect the 15 million people in the UK who play sports on a weekly basis. The free app, developed in Scotland, enables people to organise games and find players in their local area.

“During development, we found the main reasons games stop happening is the constant problem finding enough players and the stress of organising,” says Find a Player founder Jim Law. “Find a Player addresses these problems — the app totally automates the organisation process and makes it incredibly simple to find available players and games in your area - it could revolutionise how people organise sports games.”

With the UK’s interest in sports at an all-time high, following London 2012 and Glasgow 2014, Find a Player could not come at a better time. 15 million people regularly participate in over

140 different sports, and there are 90,000 venues with approximately 50,000 registered teams nationwide. Find a Player therefore has the potential for rapid growth, and international expansion is already on the development team’s radar.

But for Jim, the reasoning behind creating the app was simple and personal: “I regularly receive invites to games at times or places that just don’t suit, but couldn’t find games at times that did. With people constantly connected via smartphones, I thought there had to be a better way to bring players together than posting pleas on social networks or sending multiple texts to friends! Find a Player is the result — a hub between games and players, with a rich game organisation and invitation system. It takes the stress out of organisation, enabling you to get on with playing the games!”

Additional Details

  • Over 140 sports listed and available.
  • Find and invite friends via existing phone contacts.
  • Rate players on skill, fitness and reliability
  • Schedule availability on a day to day basis.
  • Actively search for games to join or set up your profile and wait for invitations.
  • All communication by in-app push notification.
  • Games can be set up to be totally private or fully public.
  • Connect with people in the local area and make new friends.
  • Games can be set to recur on a regular basis. No need to enter the details every week.
  • Set up multiple groups for each different sport.
  • Promotes and encourages an active lifestyle.
  • Totally free to users.
  • Scottish EDGE finalists 2014, Edinburgh Apps Winners 2014